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When cars were banned on a road in Golden Gate Park, cyclists rejoiced. The de Young Museum worried that the loss of a major access road would deter visitors. “What you have are museums that are filled with the richest and most connected people in San Francisco and they want to tell us who can play in the park,” said Matthew Brezina, a cyclist and a leader of the movement to close the streets. “They are on public land,” he said. “They have been having their way with this street for decades.” Campbell, the director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, said that advocates of closing the road had seized on the pandemic as “the perfect opportunity to push this through.” The road had offered 280 free parking spaces within a half-mile of the museum’s entrance, and 17 for disabled people within a quarter mile of the entrance. There is an adjacent 800-car garage, but it costs $5.25 an hour, and more on weekends. “It’s the last thing we need as we try to reopen and get the museums back up and functioning, ” Thomas P. Campbell, the director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, which oversees the de Young, said of the loss of one of its main access roads.Credit...Cayce Clifford for The New York Times Campbell took a visitor to the top of the tower and pointed down at the drive which was, on this weekday morning, fairly empty — no cars, of course, but not many pedestrians either, though it would fill up as the day got later. “We all share the vision of zero accidents and fewer cars, but the abrupt closure, under cover of the Covid crisis, without full analysis, is really impacting access to the park and access to the museums,” he said. Ike Kwon, chief operating officer of the California Academy of Sciences, said his patrons had complained of congestion on alternate routes to that museum. “It really does have an impact on those with mobility challenges, and also people with younger children who come from far away,” he said. Shamann Walton, the president of the board of supervisors, argued in an op-ed in the San Francisco Examiner that banning cars was “recreational redlining”; cutting off the park to people with disabilities and minorities who do not live near Golden Gate. Yet many people believe that even during this difficult time for the arts — and in a city known for its vibrant arts scene — the priorities in a post-Covid world have become clear. David G. Miles Jr. , a roller-skater who has been pushing to prohibit vehicle traffic from the park for 40 years, said he doubted cars would ever return, no matter how much the museums object. “People want the park closed to car traffic,” he said. “There’s an energy that is stronger than it’s ever been. You can fight it all you want, but I think they are going to lose this. The people want this.” Campbell, who previously served as director o f the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York until he was forced to resign in the face of pressure from trustees and staff, said he had been unprepared for how fraught this fight would become. “This is a very political city,” he said. “There are some very powerful lobbying groups like the bike coalition. We don’t feel that our point of view is being taken into account as city institutions.” The board of supervisors, which will make the final decision on the road later this year, has asked for more study of the issue in the face of high emotions on both sides, but particularly from Golden Gate denizens who have been fighting this battle for decades.

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The contingency plan should cover these elements:  Emergency outreach plan. Explicitly list who needs to be contacted, when do they need to be contacted, and how will you contact them?  Succession plan. Describe the flow of responsibility when normal staff is unavailable to perform their duties. Data classification plan. Detail all the data stored on all systems, its criticality, and its confidentiality.  Criticality of service list. List all the services provided and their order of importance. Data backup and restoration plan. Detail which data is backed up, where, and how often. Also explain how the data can be recovered. Equipment replacement plan. Describe which infrastructure services are necessary to resume providing services to customers.  Public communications. Document who will own the external PR function and provide guidelines on what information can and should be shared.  It’s important that the management team set aside time to test the disaster recovery plan. During these tests, also known as table top exercises, the goal is to identify issues that may not be obvious in the planning phase that could cause the plan to fail. This way, the team can adjust the plan before there is a disaster taking place.  Email Policy: Email is a critical communication channel for businesses of all types, and the misuse of email can pose many threats to the security of your company, whether it’s employees using email to distribute confidential information or inadvertently exposing your network to a virus. It’s important for all employees, contractors, and agents operating on behalf of your company to understand appropriate email use and check over here to have policies and procedures laid out for archiving, flagging, and reviewing emails when necessary.  This policy needs to outline the appropriate use of company email addresses and cover things such as what types of communications are prohibited, data security standards for attachments, rules regarding email retention, and whether the company is monitoring emails.  This policy should also be clearly laid out for your employees so that they understand their responsibility in using their email address and the company’s responsibility to ensure email is being used properly. This email policy isn’t about creating a “gotcha” policy to catch employees misusing their email, but to avoid a situation where employees are misusing an email because they don’t understand what is and isn’t allowed. End User Encryption Key Protection Policy: Certain documents and communications inside your company or distributed to your end users may need to be encrypted for security purposes.
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